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The Moscow law office is operated as a branch of Secretan Troyanov Schaer SA, a Swiss joint stock company registered at rue de Romont 1 in Fribourg. We accept payments in RUR, CHF and/or USD to our Swiss or Russian bank accounts. We declare and pay taxes in Russia. Click to download our payment references.

We are required under Russian law to sign a written engagement agreement with clients. In particular, the VAT 0% export rate for legal services is available only to clients incorporated abroad and providing the documentation required by Russian tax legislation (engagement agreement and certificate confirming the services rendered in relation to a specific invoice). Click to download our standard engagement agreement.


We are a consultancy firm and do not enjoy the attorney-client privilege. Click to download our memorandum on confidentiality.

All email messages originating from Secretan Troyanov Schaer SA and any files transmitted therewith are strictly confidential for use by the intended recipient only. Copying, retransmission, disclosure or use by other persons is not permitted and may entail civil and/or criminal liability. If you receive an email message by error, kindly contact the sender and delete it from your computer system.

All liability for damages resulting from the use of email is excluded. It is, in particular, the recipient’s responsibility to scan emails for viruses. No absolute protection exists against viruses, spy and other noxious software and other risks related to the use of email, and it is common knowledge that spying software is being operated by various governments. In Russia encrypting technology must be certified by the Federal Security Service.

If you do not wish to communicate by email you should notify the sender immediately in writing.


All information and links on this website are provided for information only. The website is not a substitute for legal advice. Although we aim to maintain the information on this website as accurate as possible it can contain still errors or omissions for which we accept no liability whatsoever. Our liability is always limited to services provided under a formal (written) engagement agreement and billed as such.


You may download or reprint one or more pages from this website for reference purposes, with indication of the source. Any other use of this website is prohibited without our prior written consent.